Automatic powder coating equipment

DESCRIPTION Lifetime finish quality: Long life cascade durability and HV performance Efficient powder transfer Reduced downtime: Quick gun change in less than 1 minute Performance 1 Easy and accurate settings for voltage and current 2 Constant and stable spray for a smooth and even application 3 Our technology offers a high-quality finish ♦ Fast color change without cross-contamination Productivity 3 High transfer efficiency to reduce additional manual work 4 Wide range of adapted nozzles for optimal application 5 Powerful cascade providing a strong wraparound effect 6 Advanced HV control for excellent penetration in recessed areas ♦ Modular gun design for an easy integration Sustainability 4 Highly abrasion-resistant nozzles 5 Heavy-duty electrostatic cascade 7 Quick disconnect in 1 minute, only 1 operator needed to change gun ♦ Robust design ♦ 1 year warranty