Door Frame Joining Machine

Capability to join solid wood sash and frames for doors. Pneumatical feeding on cutting and boring process. • Pneumatical feeding on cutting and boring process. • Mechanical angulations for 45° - 90° Safety pneumatical clamping system cylinders. • Manual positioning for dimensions adjustment up to 2,2 m. Technical Specs Manual Positioning Control System Max. Cutting Length Capacity 2350 mm Min. Cutting Length Capacity 530 mm Max. High Capacity (45°) 50x200 mm Max. High Capacity (90°) 60x200 mm Cutter Blade Ø 350 mm Distance of Drills Ø 32 mm/ Ø 50 mm Horizontal Adjust of Boring Head 20 mm Vertical Adjust of Boring Head 15 mm Drill Bit Dia. Ø 10 - Ø 16 mm Cutting Motor 3000 rpm Boring Motor 3000 rpm Power of the Cutting Motor 2,2 kw Power of Boring Motor 0,55 kw Power Supply 380v -50hz Exhaust of Dust Ø 60 Total Power 2,7 kw Air Pressure 8 bar Length 2950 mm Width (With Support) 980 mm Height 1580 mm