Powder Coating Oven

Powder Coating Oven PRODUCT DETAILS Our industrial powder coating ovens are available in many standard sizes (custom sizes available on request) and are the ideal choice for powder curing applications. Industrial powder coating ovens feature a combination airflow arrangement that provides uniform air distribution along the entire length of the work chamber resulting in quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles. Our powder curing ovens are designed to prevent powder blow-off which reduces rework saving you time and money. The powder coating oven offers excellent temperature uniformity which is a key component in providing you with consistent, high-quality curing results. A low-cost replaceable filter can be provided to help eliminate contamination and maintain a clean work chamber; gas-fired batch ovens are available with an optional combustion blower inlet filter. EMS Metalworking Machinery also designs and manufactures a wide variety of ovens for continuous applications. Higher production volumes may be best served by an oven featuring an Overhead Trolley Conveyor or a Chain-On-Edge Conveyor (also known as a spindle conveyor) system. EMS Metalworking Machinery's ovens are factory adjusted and tested prior to shipment from our facility to help reduce installation and start-up times. FEATURES Industrial Powder Coating Oven features: Many standard sizes and custom sizes are available Gas or electric heatэтп 300 С maximum temperature rating Standard combination airflow pattern. Horizontal airflow design is also available High capacity direct drive blowers Rattle proof adjustable ductwork Modulating control on gas-fired ovens SSR power control on electrically heated curing ovens OPTIONS Industrial Powder Coating Oven Options: Available with our exclusive energy-efficient Oven upgrade Doors on both ends Notched doors for overhead trolley rail(s) Guaranteed temperature uniformity Many more options available upon request APPLICATIONS Powder coating of metals is often favored by manufacturers because its finish is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is abrasion resistant and will not crack, chip, or peel as conventional paint will. Powder coating is typically done through a two-step process: first, the coating is applied to the part electrostatically, and then the newly powdered part is cured in an industrial oven under heat to form a skin. This process is very efficient since the powder wraps around the back of the part for better coverage and ensures 95% material usage of the powder. BENEFITS Heavy-duty construction and quality components Excellent uniformity and heating rates for consistent, high-quality curing results No powder blow-off – reduces rework Uniform heat distribution provides quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles Quick heat-up rates so you can cure more loads per day Roof-mounted blowers conserve valuable floor space at your facility Fully adjusted and factory tested PRIOR to shipment to reduce installation and start-up times Available with our exclusive energy-efficient oven upgrade www.ems-powdercoating.com