Powder Coating Reciprocator

Powder Coating Reciprocator EMS Reciprocator gun movers combine high load capacity and durability for consistent stroke patterns in powder coating applications. Superior weight capacity (176 lbs - 80 Kg) Travel speed (10 to 50 m/min - 32ft/min to 164 ft/min) Four stroke length sizes: 1.7m / 67", 2.2m / 86", 2.7m / 106" 3.2m / 125" Slim column design for space-saving side by side gun installation Minimum gun spacing of 273mm / 10.7" for accurate lap pattern set up In-built safety features, including end-of-stroke sensors and incremental encoders Icon based touch screen controls for easy operator acceptance and training Flexible control modes allow dynamic product profiling or lancing Available with a full range of accessories, including gun clamps and gun support bars, and motorized in/out positioners that maintain an optimum gun to part distance