Automatic edge cutting trimming beading machine

With suitable working units and dies, the trimming and forming machine model EMS ECM 200 can perform a wide range of edge cutting and trimming operations on circular and polygonal flat or drawn sheet metal parts, in particular: Trimming: Trimming operation on round or polygonal edges of metal parts Flanging: Opening flanges on edges of drawn parts Turning: Fine turning of round parts Curling: Some parts need to have edges bend inside like a curl Beading: This is the deeper channel on the edges of round parts Threading for deformation: Open threads or tapping Seaming of covers The main strong points of EMS Metalworking trimming machines are: * Fast and simple to use, such as example the quick tool change feature and its user-friendly machine programming * Long tool life due to a sturdy construction of the working units with particular attention to the sliding both for “hydraulic” or “electronic” control of stroke by “brushless” motor and guiding by recirculating balls screws * Ability to find and develop solutions with a high degree of customization Usually EMS Metalworking edge cutters and trimmers are equipped with : * Lower spindle motorized by gear motor and inverter * Idle top spindle firmly connected to a boom structure * Working units: with hydraulic or electronic control of the stroke by "brushless" motor * Expansion/ejection system with hydraulic control coaxial to the lower spindle * Electrical panel complete with PLC and “touch screen” service panel for work sequence management * Safety devices: two-handed control button on swiveling console, safety guards at the side and at the rear of the machine; Safety light curtains in front of the machine (vertical and horizontal protection system) EMS Metalworking Machines also produces: * Automatic scrap ejection * Automatic piece loading/unloading * Interfacing with external automation * Completes lines