EMS HP 20 Horizontal Press

All steel frame Stroke adjustment by digital read out Manual or automatic working system All tooling and pins are induction hardened and grinded Operation by foot pedal 1 set of pressbrake tooling as standard Cutting, punching, straightining, pipe bending tools are optional CE norms There are multiple uses for the Horizontal Bending Press EMS HP10. The large number of tools that complement it allow several operations in different materials and in different types of profiles. Bending and folding flat bars with horizontal press will enable the manufacturing of completely closed pieces that would be difficult to obtain by using other machines. Bending and curving tubes to different degrees to make tables, chairs, pool ladders, car protections, parking lot protections, fitness machines etc ... Straightening and bending large profiles to conform bus chassis, prototypes with complicated curves and bends, straightening faulty profiles ... Cutting flat bars or metal sheets a lot faster than any other saw or cutting machine. Punching, boring, drilling or punching plates to make perforations on fences, doors, windows and other parts. Cutting and shaping are other features of this versatile forming press for manufacturing flanges and clamps for fastening pipes. Flaring tube or pipe for assembly and subsequent welding to produce exhaust pipes, water pump distributors, metal furniture, railings tube... Widening and reducing the pipe ends permit joining different pipes to make berths, chairs, irrigation systems, tents, greenhouses etc... Folding and bending solid rods will enable the user to manufacture all kinds hooks, chain links and also form balusters out of square or round bars, tubes for the manufacturing of parts for cold forging, railings, fences, gates, doors, railings... Making hinges is another widely used application in this type of hydraulic press. As you can see, the uses of Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Press EMS HP10 are really limitless. FEATURED CHARACTERISTICS: Easy handling: The machine is sent completely assembled, it is only necessary to connect it to the required power supply and start performing. Versatility: EMS HP10 has a catalog with a great deal of optional tooling. Easy fabrication of tooling: The customer himself or any toolmaker can manufacture dies and punches. Folding operation with no risk of damaging the punches and dies with thick materials unlike conventional press brakes. Folding flat bars and sheets into completely close shapes. Conception of this horizontal bending press brake allows to make folding operations that are impossible to be carried out on a conventional press brake. Fast tool change, punches and dies: This change does not take more than 30 seconds most of the times. STANDARD EQUIPMENT PROVIDED WITH THE MACHINE: Horizontal press brake HP10 includes the complete 4V’s folding die. The versatility of the 10 Tons Horizontal Press Brake HP10 allows us to bend, fold, cut and shape in cold, stretch and reduce, inlay, notch and assemble... Horizontal Bending Press Brake EMS HP10 has been manufactured in a 60mm thick welded steel monoblock, stabilized and mechanized. Its robustness, versatility and easy handling are just three of the best features our hydraulic horizontal bending machine has. FOLDING DIE AT 3.93” & 4-WAY V-DIE 0.63”, 0.86”, 1.37”, 1.96” FOLDING DIE AT 100mm & 4-WAY V-DIE 16, 22, 35, 50mm Folding or bending die up to 3.93” (100mm) with 4 openings 0.63”, 0.86”, 1.37”, 1.96” (16, 22, 35, 50mm) and a punch of 88º. This multi-V die allows 0.039” (1mm) up to 0.315” (8mm) sheet to be folded. The 2.75” (70mm) outer diameter punch allows to make completely closed shapes to a minimum of 2.95” (75mm) inner wing. V 16: Sheet from 0.039” to 0.0118” (1 to 3mm) V 22: Sheet from 0.078” to 0.15” (2 to 4mm) V 35: Sheet from 0.118” to 0.23” (3 to 6mm) V 50: Sheet from 0.157” to 0.315” (4 to 8mm) MAX. FOLDING LENGTH: 3.93” (100mm) MAX. FOLDING THICKNESS: 0.315” (8mm)