EMS TB 60 Pipe Bending Machine

CK 45 Monoblock Frame Reducer Driven All Shafts and Necessary parts are hardened and grinded Digital Read out Counter for back support Inverter and speed adjustment NEW generation of EMS TB 60 Non-mandrel tube and pipe bender. Maximum working stroke: 60.3 mm or 2” Schedule-40 or 2” 1/4 x 4 mm. The new generation of TB 60 Non-mandrel rotary tube and pipe bender can bend up to 180º curves on hollow profiles ensuring the best bent finishes in today’s market. Equipped with a Touch Screen control grant the user interactaction with the standard features offered using the latest 4.0 technology. The sleek look, versatility and faster bending speeds also allows us to have one of best machines offered in our industry. Materials can be round, oval, square, rectangular and made of different metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper... All EMS Metalworking Machinery Products are according to CE regulations for the manufacturing of industrial machinery. Technical features The mandrel-less tube and pipe bending machines of EMS are perfect for making curves with a constant quality for pipes, tubes, square bars, rods and other profiles. Maximum size on S275 round steel pipe: 60.3 mm or 2” Schedule-40 or 2” 1/4 x 4 mm. Maximum size on aluminum pipe: 60.3 mm x 8 mm / 2.375” x .315” Maximum size on stainless steel pipe 304 / 316: 60.3 mm x 3 mm / 2.375” x .160” Maximum size on square tube: 40 x 40 x 4 mm / 1.50” x 1.50” x .160” Maximum angle of curvature: 180º Minimum radius of curvature: 3 times the pipe diameter. Maximum radius of curvature: 320 mm Automatic rotation speed from 1,1 up 3,5 rpm Repetition on the curve of +/- 0.1 degrees Reinforcement tool post support arm for pipes with diameters over 40 mm included. 400 ml BEND 8 lubricant included. Two bending directions, right or left for easier bending. Quick die change over: Maximum 60 seconds. 4.0 Technology CNC control with 7” touchscreen with more than 20 different languages Safety pedal to the right and left. Side shelving to store tools. All bend dies are made of tempered steel for longer tool life. The counter dies are made of bronze alloys to help prevent markings on the outside of the bent profiles. Stores up to 10,000 programs. Up to 50 different angles on the same piece can be programmed. Dimensions can be programmed in inches or millimeters. Pivot system with automatic unlocking to help remove material. Automatic and programmable spring back correction. Automatic unlocking Automatic and programmable springback Offset head for complex parts. Reinforcement tool post support included Packaging included Motor power: 1.1 KW / 1.5 HP. Electrical voltage: 230V single phase 50/60Hz Optional voltage: 110V single phase 50/60Hz Intensity: 5 A Machine weight: 365 Kg / 805 Ibs A lower pallet bench to transport the machine to the worksite or storage. The BP42 pipe bender is sent completely assembled. An wooden pallet and 3-layer cardboard box suitable for seafreight. Optional: NIMF15 wooden container. All capacities are based on the norm of carbon steel tubes according to ASTM, Standard A-53 grade A with a maximum resistance strength of 330MPa. The walls with more thickness to the established one and the materials with more resistance, reduce the capacities of the machine. Check with your material supplier for the specifications of this one.