Edge curling machine

Sheet metal edge curling machine, also known as crimping machine and seaming machine is a special metalworking machine used to curl edges of round parts made from sheet metal. The machine is capable of curling (bending the edges in a hollow round shape inside or outside the part) round metal parts such as cookware, kitchenware, pots, pans, canisters, cans, kettles, teapots and etc. The edge curling machine can curl the edges of sheet metal starting from 0.5 mm up to 10 mm in thickness. The princip of work of the machine is similar to the edge cutting and trimming machine. The parts in shape of cylinder tubes are put on the mold of the machine, then the upper mold is fixed from the top with the help of the pneumatic cylinder and after the part is fixed, the downside mold starts to rotate the part. Meanwhile the curling tool starts to move to the part direction and when the curling tool touches the edge of the part, the tool starts to curl it. The curl here is a hollow round geometry, made by the edge of the round sheet metal part. The cycle takes no more than 8 seconds and the upper molds move up and the part is ready to be taken. During the curling operation, there comes out no chips or burrs.