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We offer various kinds of CNC Machines, Plastics Machinery & Sheet Bending and Cutting Equipment. EMS Commerce is an international machinery trade company with a large network of purchase and sales ability, where we take care of each step during the sales of our equipment to all of our customers all around the world. All you need to do is just to click on the machine you want to have on our website! We specialize in the buying and selling of a broad mix of CNC machinery, grinders, lathes, milling machines, plastic injection molding machinery, hydraulic presses and sheet metal fabrication equipment

We don’t have what you need? Let us find it! We are a perfect machine searcher! We check the required machine worldwide through our search portals and agents and take care of the transport to the required place. Browse our products by using the menu at the top of the page. We are a well-known and respected provider of plastic injection molding equipment, CNC milling and lathe machines, sheet metal fabrication equipment. We also buy used equipment, so contact us to both buy and sell used machines. Our huge selection includes even hard-to-find products, so browse our products by category to find any manufacturing equipment you need.

Our 17 Step Quality Cycle Policy

When we recieve an offer about a used machine, here are the 17 steps of quality policy that we apply

1. We recieve a questionnaire with full information about the machine, where the brand, model, working hours, its location and the current physical working condition are shown

2. We have a purchase rating standart from 1 to 10 which enables us to decide to buy the machine or not

3. A Used equipment must get minimum 8 according to our rating in order to be purchased and brought to our warehouse

4. If we decide to buy the machine, our specialits travel to the factory where the machine is, and check it under power and with workpiece on it, while inspecting every moving part, every noise, electrical board, Outlook and documentation

5. And If they confirm the minimum 8/10 quality rate on the site also, they set the ask price and after the deal, we bring the machine to our warehouse

6. In our warehouse, we go into a more detailed mechanical and electrical inspection and do any kind of repairs if needed

7. Each specialist gives confirmation only after every critical part of the machine is checked under power and proven to pass the test

8. We take photos of the equipment with full information about the machine

9. Machine is taken to the shop for the new visiters

10. When a customer decides to check a machine, we first send him a full commercial offer with photos and technical information about the machine

11. The customer can also request an online conference call to see the machine working online

12. If the customer stays satisfied, we go on further to the financial part. If not, the customer is always welcome to come to our warehouse and check the machine under power at place

13. We have to ask either 100% payment before the loading or an Irrevocable L/C adressed to our company

14. We deal with packaging,loading on truck and export declaration without asking for anyadditional payments, we can also check and find the most economical transport option for our customers. The packaging is carried out according to the safety standarts where high quality of material is being used

15. We are always at our customers service during the shipment, transfer and the arrival of the machine in our customers workshop

16. As used equipment have no guarantee terms, we can’t also provide guarantee to the machines we sell, but we always will be responsible for our machines and ready to help our customers to solve their possible future problems with the machines

17. We are open M-F from 08:00 till 18:00 to all of our visitors and customers