Bandsaw for metal 280

A bandsaw for metal is a metal cutting bandsaw. There are 2 different types as vertical bandsaw and horizontal bandsaw. Our bandsaw for metal is a horizontal band saw. The metal cutting band saw blades are ideal for metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, tin, and many other metals. horizontal metal cutting bandsaw cut the metal with their blade in the required length. the cutting angle can be arranged by an NC controller. There are 2 types of horizontal metal cutting bandsaw: Miter cutting band saws (Angle cutting) and Vertical cutting band saws. The miter cutting bandsaw can cut the metal part with a given angle. The bandsaw blades for metal are made in Germany and have a long duration even with the hardest metals. Our bandsaw for metal cutting characteristics - Round cutting 280 mm -Square cutting 250 x 250 mm - Rectangle cutting 150 x 340 mm -Blade drive motor: 1,5 kw - Hydraulic pump of the bandsaw: 0,18 kw - Coolant pump motor: 0,12 kw - Blade size: 3660 x 27 x 0,9 - Weight: 640 kg This small bandsaw for metal is the best option for your metal cutting operations. Among all the metal cutter tools, the bandsaw for metal is the first steel cutter that a workshop needs to have. Metal cutting saws are used for metal cutting and metal shaping. They are available in a variety of types, sizes, and configurations. , and are useful for cutting, cleaning, shaping, and welding metal. The circular blade can create a continuous helix of flute grooves on the workpiece to provide extra material removal power. It is also possible to insert small inserts between the teeth that provide additional material removal. Examples of saws with circular blades include band saws, coping saws, miter saws, scroll saws, veneers handheld or fixed-base angle grinder is a powerful tool that uses an abrasive wheel with an attached motor to cut and shape metal.The angle grinder has a variety of functions and applications in metalwork and construction. It is available in manual, corded or cordless versions. Manual versions have an adjuster, but cordless versions do not A bandsaw is a saw that cuts with a continuous moving band of teeth set in a circular blade. It is mainly used to cut metals, especially steel, and other materials too hard or brittle to be cut by hand saws or machine-driven saws. A metal chop saw is a type of power tool used in construction or manufacturing to cut sheet metal quickly and accurately into desired shapes. Metal chop saws can be classified into two general categories: horizontal and vertical (or vertical). The horizontal type has the blade set at 90 degrees to the table surface while the vertical type has the blade set vertically up from the table surface at 90 degrees to it. It is the most common type of band saw used in woodworking shops and metalworking shops. The blade is supported by spring tension; a band tension-release mechanism that allows the blade to be quickly set into or out of tension, and a kerf, which is a term for the width of cut made by the saw.