Hydraulic Drawing Press 16-80 Tonnes

Hydraulic deep drawing press machine price, hydraulic press for deep drawing and hydraulic deep drawing press for sale are found under this title Our drawing and deep drawing hydraulic presses production range starts from 25 tonnes up to 3000 tonnes for mass production. Our presses are manufactured in Turkey, with the highest attention and technology level. Drawing presses are mostly sought by companies that produce pots, pressure tanks, fire extinguishers, cylinders and etc. Product Features Standard Features - Steel frame construction body - 8 guided ram - PLC application and screen - Main table and ram with T slots - Adjustable stroke and pressure on screen - Central automatic lubrication system - Double hand control for working safety - Electrical counter - Linear distance ruler Option Available - Speed control unit - Photocell safety guard - Conformity to the Europen Directives (CE) - Special table size and stroke upon request - Electronic power regulation pump - Pro-rate pressure and speed adjustment Deep drawing presses, especially in the aerospace and medical industries, require unparalleled accuracy and precision. That’s why, for nearly 50 years, manufacturers have relied on EMS’s customizable multi-action deep draw presses and Triform sheet hydroforming presses. Bed size, tonnage, stroke, speed, and more can be tailored to your specific draw forming application. How Does A Deep Drawing Press Work? During the most common draw forming applications, a punch is mounted on the press bed, and the blank material sits on the draw ring supported by the bed cushion. When the upper tool contacts the blank, the cushion retracts downward, forming the material over the stationary punch. EMS’s dynamic cushion control allows for tonnage adjustments throughout the entire deep draw process, giving the operator complete control over material flow to eliminate wrinkling and tearing. Triple-action presses are another great option to manufacture large sheet metal parts. Typical triple-action deep drawing presses consist of a punch or forming tool on the main draw ram, a clamp ram in the middle, and a knockout cylinder and/or bed cushion on the bottom. The clamp ram, which offers individual tonnage control on each cylinder, is engaged throughout the forming process to control material flow and reduce wrinkling and tearing. With this configuration, the lower ram can serve either as a knockout for part ejection or as a cushion, depending on tooling requirements. EMS Metalworking Machinery offers a range of deep drawing press features to improve the overall process including: Dynamically controlled bed cushions Programmable ram speed Ram and bed knockout / ejection options Tool Change Systems Recipe functionality Triform’s Proprietary “In-Sight” feature for part development Data Acquisition PressLink Module for remote support Pre-preventive Maintenance / OEE Systems PAM-STAMP 3D Forming Simulation Software